Friday, May 1, 2009

Custom Glass Beads to Match Focals ... Why Not?

Here you are, working with your latest favorite focal (for me, it's usually a cabochon), and you can't find the right glass beads to compliment and complete your piece. Sometimes Lady Luck is on your side and you can find what you need already made and ready to purchase, but other times it's not quite that easy.

In the case of my Lily Pad Jasper necklace (pictured right), I had purchased a set of multi-colored glass beads from Mother Beads and then they sat on my work table ... for months. Every once in a while I would pick them up and roll them around in my fingers, but then ultimately set them aside because I didn't want to waste them on something that I didn't consider to be the ideal project for them. Probably a year later, I added a gorgeous Lily Pad Jasper cabochon from Designer Cabochons to my cabochon collection. As I was going through my stash to gather up beads to start my necklace, I pulled the Mother Beads set over to audition them with my gorgeous new cabochon and knew they were the perfect accent for my necklace.

What happens when things don't work out quite that easy? What do you do then? Well, have you ever thought about having beads custom made to match? It's not as hard to do or as expensive as you may think. My friend, Hannah Rosner of Good River Gallery, has made several sets of custom beads for me to go with my cabochons. Hannah has told me that she loves creating glass beads to compliment my stones and, in the case of a wonderful Spectrolite cabochon, it gave her the opportunity to experiment with a glass bead making technique in order to create just the right effect. (Pictured Left: Hannah Rosner beads made to compliment a Green Adventurine cabochon.)

The next time you have that special focal and are having a hard time trying to find exactly the right complimentary beads to go with it, why not consider having some custom beads made to match. Not only will you end up with unique beads made special for YOU, but your jewelry will become even more distinctive with its one-of-a-kind components. (Pictured Right: Hannah Rosner beads made to compliment a Chinese Pietersite cabochon.)

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